IBM DataPower Course Contents

IBM Data PowerXI52 Online Training Course Content               

Course Name: Data power XI52
Course Duration: 20  Hours Approx
Course Recourse: Materials + XSL file+ Real time scenarios for practicing+Deployment scripts
Course Content:  Given below

1.       Introduction about IBM Websphere Datapower Appliance.
2.       Overview of IBM websphere Datapower Appliances.
3.       Introduction to the Datapower WebGUI.
a.       Logging in to the WebGUI.
b.      WebGUI Organization.
c.       Datapower's On-Board Filesystem.
4.       Creation of a simple XML Firewall Service.
5.       About Show probe.
6.       Tracing the flow by viewing the transactions.
7.       Creation of Advanced XML Firewall Service(Loop Back)
                a. Creating Policy.
 b. Configuring Match action Rule.
 c. Configuring Result Action.
        9.  Transform with XSL - Adding a Transform
        10. Types of Variables and its scope.
        11. Action in Loop Back Proxy Service.
                a. Routing URL.
                b. Extract using X-Path.
        12. Differences between XML Firewall and MultiProtocol Gateway.
        13. Multi Protocol Gateway (Static Backend).
        14. Multi Protocol Gateway (Dynamic Backend).
        15. Creating Certificates using Cryptographic tools in Datapower.
        16. Encryption and Decryption actions In datapower.
  17. Sign and Verify actions.
  18. Call Processing Rule action.
  19. Fetch Action.
  20. Route Action using 3 ways.
  21. Validate Action.
  22. Authentication and Authorization using AAA action.
  23. Creation of Web Service Proxy
·         Authentication and Authorization using AAA action using AAA and XSl.
·         Sign and Verify usage In WS Proxy
·         Error handling
  24. Problem Determination.
                a. Default System Log
                b. Audit Log.
                c. Multistep Probe
                d. Object Status.
                e. Ping Remote
                f. TCP Connection Test
                g. Send Test Message.
  25. SSL Handshake
a. Forward.
                b. Reverse.
  26. Trouble Shooting Mechanisms.
                a. Ping Remote
                b. TCP Connection Test
                c. Packet Capture(default)
                d. View System Log and generate Log messages.
                e. Error Report
g. Probe
  27. Log Target.
                a. Configuring Log Target.
                b. Event Filters
                c. Event Subscriptions
  28. Integration with MQ.
  29. Integration with FTP.
  30. Integration with DB.
   31.Scenario on transforming xml to CSV and FLAT File.
  32. Scenario on Accepting JSON as Payload.
  33. Creating and Deploying Reusable Patterns (new feature in data power)
Some of the Administration Concepts
  38. Exporting a service/object from a domain through Web GUI.
  39. Importing a service/object in to a domain through Web GUI.
  40. Deployment Policy while exporting a service through Web GUI.
  41. Deployment Policy while importing a service through Web GUI.
  42. Authenticating the user what is SOMA and its advantages.
  43. Difference between WebGUI and SOMA.
  44. SOMA Scripts
                a. Flush Document Cache.
 b. Flush Style sheet Cache.
                c. Enable a Probe.
                d. Disable a Probe.
e. Exporting an object/service.
f. Importing an Object/service.
45. SOMA Scripts
                a. Deployment Policy while exporting a service.
b. Deployment Policy while importing a service.
46. Creating and Managing User Accounts.

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